‘Anthem’ became the top-selling game in the US in February 2019

Recently, BioWare’s Anthem ran into trouble as it was crashing the gaming console of most of the Play Station 4 users. However, the bug shouldn’t give game developers reasons to worry, as the NPD Group data showed the shared-world shooter as the most popular game in the US in February 2019. Besides this, Anthem has become the second strongest game after Kingdom Hearts III, which is at the top in the list, according to NPD Group data.

The figures that Anthem has received lately is not surprising, as EA has been promoting the game for two years and the company was pretty much sure about the pre-order figures that the title received.

The real results for the game will be the March NPD figures that will soon arrive. We all know that the momentum that Anthem has created will be gone if the title faces a sharp drop in sales in March.

On the other hand, gaming console Nintendo Switch also received good sales figures in February. Switch in February received the best and year-to-date dollar sales (not units) since 2011. The reason behind this can be taken as people losing interest in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as they are coming close to the end of their life cycle, while Switch is pretty much new these days with better and powerful hardware. This lead to an overall drop of 12 percent in the hardware purchase as compared to the previous year’s.

A report says that Sony and Microsoft are now at the verge to launch their next-gen products which are Play Station 5 and Xbox One respectively. Until then Switch is predicted to keep the momentum against the low sales figures of its contenders.

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